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Careers & Gateway

The Careers Department is located in D14, on the driveway side of D Block.


The services we offer are:

-  Careers information (from tertiary education booklets to defence force information, apprenticeship information and scholarship information.

-  Job readiness and employment opportunities

-  NCEA Level 3 Occupational Health and Safety and First Aid Workshops

-  NCEA Level 3 Customer Service Workshops

-  Careers Advice – you can make an appointment to see Miss Williams

- Gateway work experience – new applications open Term 1, get work ready by building your work experience history. See Mrs Tauti for more information


Careers Staff:

Joy Williams

Careers Advisor and Head of Learning Area

I am available for individual career sessions by appointment. In charge of employment skills programmes.

Ph: (09) 268 3950 ext. 861


Leah-Lisa Tauti

Gateway Co-ordinator

Responsible for co-ordinating workplace programmes for Year 12 and 13s through Gateway.

Ph: (09) 268 3950 ext. 863


Alannah Meredith

Careers Assistant

Available for assistance with job readiness or tertiary preparation. Responsible for trip organisation and administration.

Ph: (09) 268 3950 ext. 862

“Ko tau rourou, o tatou rourou, ora ai tatou”

“With our contribution and your contribution we will thrive.”

Teen Parent Unit

Our Mission:

The Teen Parent Unit has, as its first priority, the optimum education for each of its attending students. The staff at the TPU, along with other complementary providers, (Whanau Ora and Early Childhood Centre), endeavor to instill in our students a commitment to achievement, a lifetime love of learning and a belief in self.

About the unit:

The Teen Parent Unit staff consists of four highly experienced, teaching staff, an administrative assistant, teacher-aide and a Lead Teacher who all work towards providing students with a safe and supportive learning environment. They also provide all students with the opportunity to complete NCEA Levels 1, 2, and 3 and University Entrance, STAR courses and the Gateway programme. Each student has an Individual Learning Programme based on their particular learning needs.

Students are referred to the unit by various means; word of mouth, health agencies, social workers, and schools. Babies are with their mothers in the class rooms until they are three months and are then transitioned into the next door Early Childhood Centre. Each student has a mentor teacher who assists with pastoral care, career guidance and academic counselling. All students have access to the on-site Whanau Ora Roopu which consists of a social worker, registered nurse and community health worker. Senior students are able to participate in classes at the host school where and when necessary. Taonga students also participate in off-site activities; for example, outdoor adventure programmes, the museum, science field trips and the school has guest speakers and externally facilitated programmes on a regular basis. Students enjoy shared morning teas, activities with their children and competing in a TPU netball tournament; they are also expected to be mindful of others and assist in the community where appropriate.

Students are expected to fulfill the character of Taonga through their behaviours, attitudes and beliefs.While usual school rules apply, Taonga offers appropriate flexibility that is critical to the unique nature of a ‘teenage parent’ facility.

Contact Information:

Please contact Email to learn more.


Health & Wellbeing Department

Welcome to the Health & Wellbeing Department. It is our departments job to support the young people of the school physically and emotionally so that they can be in class learning. Everyone in the department plays a key role and together we work to ensure that each student’s needs are met in a supportive and caring way.

Who is part of the Health & Wellbeing Team? (Click on the links to see more information). 

We work closely with the Deans and SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) when necessary as well as outside providers.

Head of Department

Catherine Hawke

09 268 3950 ext 836

For S66 requests please email:

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