2019 School Board of Trustees Election - Candidate statement

Board of Trustees 2019

Parent Representative Candidates’ Statements


BJ Munro

Tena koutou katoa e te whanau o te kura James Cook High School.  My name is BJ Munro.  I am standing for re-election to the Board of Trustees and seek your vote of support.  I have been a parent of the school since 2009.  All four of my children graduated from James Cook High School, my youngest child graduated last year.  Each of my children received a quality education and enjoyed their high school experiences.  Today, they live in the community they were raised and lead positive and productive lives as young adults, pursuing their goals and aspirations.  I was elected to the Board in 2016 and have had the pleasure in working alongside dedicated and hardworking school leaders, staff and trustees during a difficult and challenging time.  The last three years at James Cook High School has been one of intense change and improvement.  Student achievement is and always will be the most important duty of the Board.  The community can be assured our students receive an empowering, quality education and experience that will prepare our children well for the future ahead.  I seek re-election to the Board of Trustees as I remain committed in my pursuit to safe guard and protect our students’ rights to a quality education and experience.  To ensure our students graduate from our school as confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners equipped to face life beyond the gates of James Cook High School. 

Nga mihi maioha BJ Munro


Simon Adams

Kia ora, My name is Simon Adams and I have a daughter that currently attends James Cook High School within the Maori unit as a Year 10 student.  Also, many years ago the mother of my daughter too attended James Cook High School, so it has a somewhat sentimental place within my family for both my partner and daughter.  For a number of years now I have been overwhelmed with the culture, comradery and spirit of Te Puutake Maori Unit and also its success rate of achievement.  But in saying that, I have also been impressed by the pride, love and the friendliness of James Cook High School as a whole. Ultimately, I would like to see the school continue to grow with the challenges of the changing community environment and the ever-evolving technology expectations.  Outside of the school I enjoy being active by playing rugby for Mt Wellington Rugby Club to which I am a committee member for the Mt Wellington Rugby Club also.  I'm part of a kapa haka group which regularly practices the Maori arts and customs here in South Auckland.  My working life as a business owner within the import / export sector means that I am involved with mostly 3rd party contract logistics.  I deal with matters that require careful consideration to ensure customers are getting the full package when it comes to customer needs and help from the right service.  I own a business that also believes in second chances for people who have been on the other side of the law.  So giving them another chance at life to reintegrate back in society again definitely helps with their self-esteem and confidence within themselves to potentially achieve many great life skills.

Much appreciated for your time, thanks 


Jaylene Ball

I have proudly served on the James Cook High School Board for some time now and put my name forward for re-election.  We have seen a lot of transformation over the past few years, but I am still committed to serving the students to the best of my ability. Each and every young person that comes through our doors must be prepared for ever changing workforce, but they also have to be prepared to engage in all positive opportunities presented to them here at James Cook High School. The Board’s job, along with all staff have a responsibility to make this happen. Personal – I am a mother of six children and five grandchildren. All my children attended JCHS, did very well in both mainstream and Puutake – Te Wahanga Maori. When my grandchildren are of age, they too will probably attend. Community – I currently manage 3 community houses in Manurewa, which introduce beneficial services to our community. A few of the services that have benefitted our community, including JCHS parents include budgeting, food and clothing banks, licensing, parenting programmes. Educational – I am no stranger to School Board of Trustees and have served on Finlayson Park School Board for more than fifteen years. There is an extreme amount of work to learn about and I continue to learn, but I am quite comfortable with knowing ‘what is required’. I have learnt how to deal with government agencies such as Ministry of Education and Education Review Office.  My involvement with JCHS did not stop when my children finished school. Im proud to say I have worked hard over the years as a sports manager and proud of the fact that I had the privilege to be a part of a team that arranged overseas trips (England, Canada, Hawaii, Australia) for some of our students. I know parents that’ve been involved with those tours and trips and others that know me well. They will attest to how hard I work for our kids.  Interests -I am an avid sports supporter, currently supporting Manurewa Marlins (Women’s and U8 teams). I enjoy my family time, particularly with my grandchildren – they never cease to amaze me and I continue to learn from them.

I hope you have confidence in me – VOTE JAYLENE BALL  


Waru Clark

Ko Taupiri te Maunga, Waikato te Awa, Tainui te Waka. Kia ora my name is Waru Clark and I would like to be a parent representative on the Board of Trustees for James Cook High School.   My wife and I live in Manurewa. We have 5 children ranging in age from 10 to 33 years. Our 83 year young mother also lives with us.  Our middle son started in Puutake with George Pomana and we have elected for him to complete his schooling at James Cook High.   My wife and I are absolutely committed to education and are employed in the delivery of curriculum for Year 9 - 10, and Year 9 -12 respectively. Between us we have over 50 years of teaching experience in South Auckland.  I have been the chairperson of Manurewa Central Primary School for the last 6 years and a trustee for 3 years prior. I have enjoyed contributing to a board that has assisted the school to provide optimum learning opportunities and outcomes for its students. I believe the role of a school Trustee is to enable teachers to create and deliver the best learning environment that will enable our children to have choices in life.  I am a husband, a father, a son, and a brother. I am chair of several Whenua Trusts within the Waikato Rohe. I am a passionate Waka Ama paddler and I have been President of Te Pou Herenga Waka Ama for the past 3 years.  I believe that I am an honest person of integrity and that I have genuine regard for the opinion of the people that I interact with.  I hope that you will give me an opportunity to be a part of James Cook High School Board of Trustees and help our children on their journey through the school. Mauri ora


Kim Dennis

To the School Community of James Cook High School. Tena koutou katoa and warm Pacific greetings. My name is Kim Dennis, I live in Clendon, I am employed by the NZ Police and I have been involved with James Cook High since my own children attended school here. I am currently on the school board and am seeking re-election, over those years, I have gained many skills and gained knowledge in the area of governance of a school.  I do not know everything, and I am willing to share what attributes and qualities I can to make Education a place where your children want to stay and continue onto Tertiary Level if that is their dream.   I believe I can offer myself and services to your school, for your children and for our community.

Naku noa  Na


John Hall

Manurewa resident born and bred. All my children have been through JCHS and now my grandson has started this year.  Present of the MEFC Junior Section 10 years.  Softball Umpire President and Coach of James Cook High School team 20 years.  Currently on the Board of Trustees at James Cook High 15 years. Board at Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club 5 years.  Patron of Cmrfu Juniors 10 years.  I have worked in Manurewa for Taxi United for 35 years. I have decided to stand having been asked to.   I am sure that I can contribute for the next three year term on the BOT.  Thank you for your vote.  Regards  John Hall


Nadine Inia

Kia Ora Koutou  Ko Te Arawa toku Iwi, Ko Ngati Pikiao toku Hapu,Ko Te Takinga toku marae,Ko Tarawera toke maunga, Ko Rotoiti toku moana, Ko Te Arawa toku waka,Ko Nadine Inia toku ingoa. I am a single mum of 4 tamariki between the ages of 26 to 13.  I have 2 tamariki that attend Puutake, year 11 and year 9.  I have lived and worked within the Manurewa rohe for the past 30 odd years.  I currently own a childcare centre in Manurewa, but have worked within the early childcare industry for the past 26 years.  I am also associated with Manurewa Marlins as the manager of different teams my tamariki have been a part of.  I am currently the manager for the Under 18 Kotiro Toa team.  I have also been the Treasurer on the Board of Trustees for Manurewa Marae, which was very challenging but also very rewarding. 


Oge Pesamino

Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Faakalofa lahi atu, Kia orana, Nisa Bula, Kia ora Tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

My name is Oge Pesamino, a devoted mother of 8 and a proud grandmother of 2.  Five of my children all attended and graduated from James Cook High, my twins are currently attending and are in Year 9 and my youngest is in Primary school. I am of Samoan descent from the villages of Salelavalu, Samalaeulu, Sinamona, Alafua, Malifa and Leififi in Apia. I migrated to New Zealand in 1993 and have been living in Manurewa since. I am an active member of the St Annes Catholic church on Russell Rd, I also help with community events and I always willing to help in anyway I can especially to disadvantage famiilies. Since 2008, I have been a proud supporter of James Cook High School sport teams, cultural groups and events such as the  Samoan Unit trip to Samoa in 2009 and last years 50th Jubilee celebrations. I am currently the chairperson for the Samoan Community Committee and believe I have the right leadership and communication skills to be the representative not only for Pasifika but all parents. I can make rapport easily with people from all diverse backgrounds and have experience is strategic planning and allocating funds.

I want to encourage Pasifika families to be actively involved in our children's education as this will help them succeed. This will be done by consulting community groups and seeking input on goals that need to be set to lead the school in the right direction. However reporting this back to the community is an area I would like to see more of. Our school needs to remain safe and cater to the needs for all our children. I would like to become a  board member to make positive change for our children, staff and wider community. The decisions made today will impact and influence the lives of our children as they are the future of tomorrow.  

O lou igoa o Oge Pesamino. E toavalu lau fanau, ae toalua fanau a lau fanau. O le toalima o lau fanau matutua, na iu a latou aoga i James Cook i tausaga ua mavae. A o le taimi nei, o loo i ai lau masaga o Christina le teine ma le tama o Chris Pesamino o loo aooga I James Cook nei ile year 9 ma lau tama laititi o loo aoga ile Primary School.

O lou tupuaga e afua mai I afioaga nei; Salelavalu, Samalaeulu, Sinamona, Alafua, Malifa ma Leififi i Apia. Na ou taunuu mai I Niu Sila nei ile tausaga 1993 ma ou faamausali I Manurewa nei seia faia lou aiga. Mai le 26 tausaga talu ai, sa ou tautua ma tapuai I le Atua e ala I lau Ekalesia Katoliko St Annes I Russell Road. O lau masani o lou faatasi atu lea I polokalama a fuafua a le community ma ou fesoasoani atu I nisi o moomia le fesoasoani i soo se auala.  Ole tausaga 2008 na amatalia ai lau tautua ma lau lagolago I le atinaeina o le soifua aoaoina a le fanau I totonu o James Cook e ala lea I taaloga, vaega faaleaganuu ma nisi o polokalama sa alo i ai le laumua. Faapei o le malaga a le iunite Samoa poo le Tupuaga I le tausaga 2009 faapea foi le tapenaina ole Iupeli Siliva ile tausaga ua mavae. I le taimi nei o loo avea au ma taitaifono ale komiti ole community Samoa. Ua tonu ai i lou manatu, ua tatau ona faaaogaina ni agavaa o ia te au, e ofo atu ma faasoa atu aua le faaleoina o manatu I totonu o le Board. Oute faamoemoe I lo tatou galulue faatasi, e mama ai se avega. O le avanoa foi lea, e mafaj ai ona ou logopuialii o tatou tagata Pasefika ina ia tutu faatasi ma lagolagoina faamoemoega uma a le laumua, aua se manuia o aoaoga a le fanau. O le a le pine ona tau lau o le faamoemoe.  Oute fia avea au ma tagata o le Board ina ia faamalosia, faalaeiau, aoao finagalo ma manatu ma galulue faatasi ma matua ma faiaoga, aua se lumanai manuia o tama ma teine aoga o James Cook. Malo aupito, fakafetai, nga mihi, faafetai lava  La outou auauna Oge Pesamino


Caline Ruri-Kerr

Tena koutou Katoa,

My name is Carline Ruri-Kerr.  Having resided in Manurewa area for over 25 years.  I am running for James Cook High School Board of Trustees.  Why? I would like to see the school continue to grow with the ever-changing challenges of the community environment and the evolving technology expectations in the schools of today.  Creating changes that will strengthen each and every student that steps through the threshold of the School.  Enabling them to aspire to do great things and pursuing a pathway that will lead them to the next stepping stone, whatever it maybe.  The sky is not the limit.  My youngest son is in Puutake the Maori unit within James Cook.  I am a proud and humbled parent within the unit to see the growth these students achieve throughout the duration of their stand.  Representation at the highest level and accomplishing academically across the school.  To say the least my daughter was an ex-student of Puutake respectively and my eldest son who navigated within main stream both stood proud in their own space.  Both achieving unity, one in the Maori unit and other in Mainstream.  Standing Proud as Maori at different spectrums of the school.  Nga Mihi


Victoria Takawe

Kai ngā mākinakina, kai ngā mākanakana, koutou kai te tūāpapa o te kaupapa, e māro nei ai i tōna whenawhena, e rarau, e rarau, e rarau mai rā.  Ko tangi ki a rātou mā kua rūmene ki te pō, ko te whakamaumāharatanga ki a koutou, kai te iwi e pae nei otira taku kiingi e Tuheitia  te whare tapu o Pōtatau, pai marire ki a tātou.  Kai taku hāpori, otirā te whanau whānui o Puutake, otira o Manurewa, nei ra ko te mihi nōku mo te whai wā mai ki te pānui i tēnei āhuatanga e paa ana ki tōku oranga, ki tōku tautoko ki tēnei kura rangatira o tātou.  Kāti, kia uru mai ai tātou ki te ia o tōku pānui karere nei. Tēnā e hara au i te tangata korero mōku ake, heoi anō, kia whai taima nei ki te āta tirotiro ki ngā pūkōrero e anga whakamua ana i te matua tautoko i ngā rangatahi ka mutu ki reira.

My name is Victoria Takawe.  I am standing for the 2019 James Cook High School Board of Trustee elections.  This will be my first serving term if successfully elected.  I have a long association with James Cook High School but more so Puutake Te Wahanga Māori.  This association spans over a time of six siblings at a close to over thirty years.  Being an ex-student of our late Matua George Pomana equipped me with an understanding of how important education should be for our young people.  My learning time at James Cook High School was always a rewarding and fulfilling experience and I now look forward to supporting not only my own children, but also the many more children that make up our unique learning community of James Cook High School. Through my daughters schooling, I have made it a priority to involve myself in a parental supporting role with their netball coaching, travelling support for kapa haka and sporting EOTC’s (netball and waka ama) fundraising ventures and volunteering to help host both the 2018 and 2019 ASB Polyfest and Ahurea Tino Rangatiratanga kapa haka regional competitions.  I look forward to being a part of the variety of different academic, sporting, and cultural celebrations that we as a school will be involved in. Commitment and integrity are key values that I believe keeps me grounded in all areas of life.  Should I be successfully elected as a parent representative Board of Trustee member for our James Cook High School whānau, I assure you that I will serve and represent every child and whānau with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and most of all aroha.  Ngā mihi

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